100% handmade TerraDecor offers the most realistic and detailed wall accents, wine cellars, waterfalls, themed complete rooms and feature walls that will change your perception of reality.


It can be designed in any shape, form, color and thickness. Since it is very light it can be attached to any surface including ceilings.


With handmade carved, designed and painted TerraDecor everything is possible. We will craft and build any imaginable image exactly to your specification. This can be applied in hundreds of different applications because we literally make it to fit like a glove to your vision.

Our wall design usually comes in multiple pieces and is put together like a simple jigsaw puzzle, which is a lot of fun, especially when you see the final results.

With handmade carved designed and painted  terra décor, everything is possible,  as we will craft and built any imaginable image exactly to your speciffication. This can be applyed in 1000 of different  applications because we literally make it to fit like a glove in your vision.

Our wall design usually come in multiple pieces and puts together like a puzzle,  which is a lot of fun , especially to see final results.

TerraDdecor Benefits:

  •   A unique and luxury piece of nature in your home
  •   Can be made in any size, shape, thickness and color
  •   Pre-built to your exact measurements and requirements
  •   Match it to your existing décor
  •   Can be applied to any surface
  •   Easy and fun installation
  •   Sound proofing, noise control and energy saving properties
  •   No one else will have the same feature and look
  •   No repeated patterns
  •   TV surround walls
  •   3D rock pictures
  •   Ceiling features
  •   Feature walls
  •   Wine cellars
  •   Signs
  •   TerraDecor products can be built to the limits of our shared imagination
  •   100% hand crafted and cared for by our artistic team